At the origin of Rise.Band are two men, who in different ways have been confronted with sexual violence on women they know. We saw the pain, and the way life gets broken.  When we realized we had a solution, it was obvious that we needed to bring it to life. Rachel joined up, and many more...


Jounaid is a tech lover and a logician, he studies in the science program of Maastricht University - nothing scientific won’t interest him. He's putting his brains behind making Rise.Band an awesome tool. Because he had to deal face to face with sexual aggression, he knows it needs to work.


Benoit worked for P&G, Benckiser, Coca-Cola where he was in charge of the marketing in Belgium, then Thailand. He co-founded the consultancy Innate Motion, which helps big companies like Unilever or Danone and start-ups to build brands that make a positive social impact on the world. Everything he learned there, he now pours into Rise.Band! Because he's lived with sexual violence survivors, and knows it's a battle worth the fight.


Rachel is an artist, a creative thinker and a connector. After a decade in advertising, she has been working the last 10 years as a partner for Innate Motion, helping companies and brand build brands that make a real difference for people.


Mateja, a jurist and a judge who dealt with the legal part sexual violence all her life, Ana, Fernanda, Mark, and many others who work with Innate Motion and joined us to think about it at the beginning, Mike, Kathrine or Lydia who shared insights and idea. Rise.Band is brought together by a passionate collective - join us!



Get in touch with Rise.Band to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

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